The Anunnaki Story – Part 2


This is the second part of the science fiction “The Anunnaki Bible”, that you can find on Kindle. The interesting part about this story is that it is based on dreams of encounters and true history! You can buy the book here

Read the first part here:

Emanuel J. Cook looked down into the sea from the side of his ship and stared straight into the eyes of the creature. The air seemed to tremble and the surface of the sea boiled, -was this his imagination? Emanuel thought to himself. Did in fact did universe burn of energy? The intensity in this meeting felt like buzzing electricity, he swore that he had never seen such beauty or felt so alive. Just as he was about to reach out to the creature, the crew of the ship came screaming and hitting tin mugs and plates with spoons and tools. They threw whatever they could find on the abomination. As a heavy object hits the creature, she starts to scream like a siren and the noise cuts like knives through everyone’s heads, except for the Captains. This was something he would never forget and led him out on a journey to find what he thought was the Sirens from Greek Mythology. What he found however, was something that he had never expected…

Captain’s log: “ 1714. Day 34, The world will gaze when I reveal the secret and all that is history will be puzzled together… Day 40, I have been captured by this tribe and it doesn’t look like I have much of a chance getting out alive…Day 51, I am rescued. I couldn’t believe my mind but from the blue sea rose that creature to his aid… “.

Emanuel is a well dressed senior captain in his forties, proud and intelligent. He had made so many journeys across sea that he couldn’t remember them all today but, never had he sunk a ship, he proudly thought. He made enemies with his words “if you sink a ship, you should probably stay on shore”. Emanuel thought that no weather and no turn of the mistress temper was bad enough to go down but, a bad captain can sink a ship even in a puddle.

He put on the captains’ jacket, drew his fingers through the black thick hair and his blue eyes evaluated the image in the mirror. -This is good enough! He said out loud. As he opened the cabin door, he entered the hall with a dark hitting command “Jones, get your lazy dog bones together, we have got work to do”!

The plan was to as soon as possible travel by land to The Sea of Galilee and the “Muster of The Queen” finally saw shore. The sun gazed and the redhead, pale skinned Jones with freckles all over his face, wiped his sore sunburned lips.

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