The Anunnaki Bible – Part 3

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This is the third part of the science fiction “The Anunnaki Bible”, that you can find on Kindle. The interesting part about this story is that it is based on dreams of encounters and true history! You can buy the book here

Read the first part here:

-Captain, shouldn’t we wait until sunset before we do more? Emanuel, looked at the young cabin boy and tried to see how much more work could be drawn from him before he fell. -Take the rest of the day off Jones, you deserve it. We anchor as soon as possible and continue tomorrow morning before sunrise.

Emanuel started to plan this journey one year ago after the encounter of that what he thought was a mythological creature. He had been told about the sea beasts that were to be found all over the world with different names. What he thought to be more interesting was that they were also called “Titans” and sea pirates sailing the Mediterranean sea. He knew of the folklore flowing widely and the generally superstitious mind of people and he didn’t want to be one of them, yet he saw what he saw. They all did, that day.

“Jones is shot in the head”!

As Emanuel stroll the harbor just before sunrise he hears a gunshot and Nathan’s voice, then some men scream “infidel, infidel” echoing between the stone and concrete buildings.


Jones had explored the City of Akko that night, after they’d anchored in Ptolemais and the captain had given him the rest of the evening off. He took Nathan with him. Nathan was a big brute man with a large blonde, grayish beard and eyebrows that were much too big for his face. Nathan didn’t look English at all, if you believed in blond Vikings, then that’s what he looked like. Being a member of the royal fleet, they all had to appear proper but, Nathan was the kind of man you loved for his loyalty and feared for his looks, strength and will. He just wasn’t someone you’d correct. To Jones he was a role model of masculinity and the father he’d never experienced. Once he was old enough and had earned enough money, he thought, he would leave the fleet to start a family and become like Nathan to his future children.

City of Acco

When they had walked the streets of Ptolemais for some hours and enjoyed the fresh air of the night, they stopped to get some sleep on the stone dock by the sea. Jones, rolled his jacket together and put it as a pillow under his head while Nathan looked at the stars and talked about the adventures that they’d already experienced with the captain. Suddenly two men appeared from nowhere. Jones only got the time to see one man hitting Nathan in the face with something, before he heard a sharp explosion and felt a demonic pain like as if the inside of his head suddenly caught on fire. Just like if a spear had penetrated his forehead, the pain spread through his skull in less than a second and in the far distance he heard Nathan’s voice. He felt the chill of dying, then no more …

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