Earning 1000$ from home, Wasn’t a complete Scam!

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If 1% of the world population have roof above their head, food in their stomach, free education and a job, the rest don’t reach those four conditions. The rest are struggling poor. We are about 7 billion people. 3% on the other hand owns everything! So it isn’t that strange if we come up with different scams.

Now I have tried a couple of copy-cats to John Crestani and with my hand on my heart, those don’t work, not to me anyway! They are non-complete, they don’t tell you what your foundation need to be, and they are creating “funnels” back to themselves.

So a part of the scam seem to be needed to become rich. This by not telling the entire concept. As long as you are trying, you are a paying customer. How can this scheme work then? Honestly, you need free internet because you are going to spend a lot of time on it, you need your own homepage or a newspaper like this (you can advertise here for free) but the suggestion to “only copy and paste links on classified ad’s websites” are this century’s understatement.

I may go so far to say “yes it works but don’t think, these guys will tell you where they advertise themselves or who are paying them to promote clickbank as an example”. Problems overall with classified websites are that non-paying customers end up invisible. Then what to do? Well, you pay for an ad. Still no sale! So you cough up some more money… still no sale!

But someone is getting rich! It is the classified ad’s website. That’s why you should leave it be and start your own website search after you complete a program like the one below. Problem is with these schemes, they do give you information about where the money is and there are a lot of guys who has earned a good fortune, but not everyone!

For the ad’s website that some other guy promoted to become a millionaire on, I am removing my ads from there. I just feel silly now. With a hundred thousand ads on it, and everyone is using Clickbank, why should the customer pick my ad?

This is the story about a self-made millionaire and you will get the links below, to try it yourself. Maybe you will succeed where I didn’t, maybe I am too old to understand what goes today!

“John Crestani was sitting on a beach in Thailand, poor and lost in his life when he opened a book that helped transform him from a job drifter to a successful internet entrepreneur.

Meet John Crestani who made a career and got fired for doing it too good! He wants to teach you how to do the same. So if you are in the phase of finding a new line of business that lead to your goal, then check this guy out! He is Awesome and very smart!

Here you can try it yourself https://cutt.ly/PeGVT9K

Click the link to the website or read the Forbes article here: https://cutt.ly/zeGBwuF before joining!

You can also check the very thorough review about this course here: https://www.freedomboundbusiness.com/super-affiliate-system-review/

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