My Predictions Of The Future Was Disturbingly Accurate!

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I wrote this pamphlet or short novella in the beginning of 2018. It is my predictions about the future (you can find it on Kindle, published June 2018). Okay I admit, I made it more exiting and more magic than it needed to be but I thought at the time when I wrote it, it was necessary!

I want to tell you a little story before we begin! Ask yourself if you really want to know what the future brings or if you rather deal with it as it come. Most of us want to know how to win the lottery, what numbers to pick and others want to know what will happen to “us”.  No matter what you are searching for, make sure what your read will not become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

-Only a fool will continue reading! 

I guarantee you dear friends, what I am about to tell you might disappoint. See, I don’t like to talk about secrets and now I am about to tell you the biggest ones ever… 

I will not pile them up, I don’t work that way. Besides how many can just turn yourself inside out and suddenly be in someone else’s shoes. I assure you, this isn’t like knocking on the neighbours door “Oh, hi! Can I borrow your sandals”? 

I will be vague as I walk through the valley of cosmos, I will not give any dates because I don’t get any. I will tell you what I see and I ask of you to understand this “you interpret my words yourself and I suggest you choose to read from a positive view”. 

Let the game begin…

“A video on facebook show me the road to Machu Piccu in Peru. The camera swipes over the clever village ruins and soft music in the background put me in the mood. This is not voluntarily, this is like giving birth to a child. From waiting and wondering for nine months when the little baby are to arrive, suddenly the whole body twist and cramp to push this baby out, this is a miracle you can not resist. The force is hurting and it is controlling us and we are just so amazed by the power – We never knew we had it in us, until we gave birth!

Suddenly my mind wanders and I am thrown on the stones and in the sand of Machu Piccu. I am there? I can feel the wind, I can taste some kind of herb in the air and I can touch the sand with my hands. But I am not there physically! I am thousands of miles away sitting in front of my laptop drinking a cup of coffee and having a sandwich as I write. This is the entrance to the secrets. This has always been the gate to everything.

Some people call it astral projection, where the soul disconnect from the body and “fly away”. -I don’t think my soul fly away! It is only “talking places”, as if places could talk, all over the world and in the universe that my mind get stuck to when passing in thought. Like getting stuck in honey! When I get stuck, someone want to tell me something. It can be a person (soul or living), it can be a wall, it can be the dead. 

-I guess I am easy to talk with…

Five dead kings in a dark stone crypt, ask to guard their sleep. Three is now quite awake and serve as friends, two I can not see. 

-The greedy foes outside are contemplating, sneak pass me they want, to bang the drum and steal the gold…” 

I like when I travel to mind places, not always though – you should see the nightmares I can have. In the “Five Kings” prediction, I fall from the sky, straight down on a field or meadow with small hills (graves) after opening a chapter in a history book. I walk around in this mindscape and check the landscape out -I feel someone is calling! Later that night in my dreams, I enter my “house”. The door is old and red and made of wood. It is placed above ground in a small old town from the 12th century, maby? I enter and walk the long stairs down. There below ground I live. Here I find my living room, my kitchen and my bed, all in the same room. To my left there is a locked door. From it the smell of “potato cellar” puffs. When I get close to the door a vicious dark voice surround me “don’t awake the kings, don’t steal the gold…”. I am too curious and opens the heavy stone door. Here I find this big stone crypt with five graves. A voice whispers load and clear “GET OUT OF HERE”. I sensed such danger, I cannot describe. Suddenly the crypt was sealed and I had no way out, that’s when the first King awakes… 

-Anyway so not everything is peachy!

“The lady without a face and long golden hair says “follow me” and we walk toward heaven. The mountain conceal a secret and carved initials I do not know. The grass is high and behind the mountain wall a stone casket rest in the morning sun, a lamb is sound asleep beside it…”

The Lady without a face, is someone who have guided me to answers before. Most of the time she has her back turned against me. She has long golden hair and a light blue long dress. If she ever turn around, I can not seem to see her face. She has appeared when I meditate. She says, to find the answer to your question just follow me. We start walking these stairs toward heaven and I can not stop walking before I understand. Once, I kept seeing myself walking the stair for two days -without meditation. Pretty annoying! 

A prince was born without a country, without friend or foe, no home to call his own. One cannot but wonder whom this man become. Ice in heart and fire in soul, he done his part of caring. Now vastly turned to fiery heart with clearest path obsessed is by gift of sharing…”

Earlier predictions

All predictions I have had through the years have not come true. I would be a liar if I told you so but, enough to write this novel with confidence. I believe I see these things so I can make a change. If you read, maybe you are the one that change history to be?

 Some predictions that happened within 2 weeks after the dream or sudden mindscape:

I dream that I suddenly find myself on an airplane and my goal is to warn the passengers  -leave the plane, it’s going to crash! But no one can hear me, no one can see me. I see one passenger with headphones reading a book. I desperately try to get attention but I am only an observer from a distance and there is nothing I can do. Then the dream cut and I find myself far away from the crashed plane. I see the three people that now are pale as ash and severely hurt.

“I say: -Follow me, two of them do, the third jumps over a fence. I say -don’t…”

 This was in 1992 and two weeks later a private plane crash into a house in Stockholm, sweden, three people die. Parts of the engine ended up in ones living room and wheel crashed another ones balcony. A car was split in two. The plane itself split in mid air…

December 3, 1992

Private plane, Piper Malibu, crash after start in to a residential building on Fredriklundsvägen in Åkeslund. Three people perish. 1 Car is destroyed and 1 house is damaged. Parts from the plane are thrown 150 meters and are found on the Kristofferskolans schoolyard.

Note: This is also one of the most hardest accident to find any information about I think. As I remember (but cannot guarantee because it was such long time ago), one of the passengers was thrown very far away and found on the other side of a fence…

Before the Gulf War broke out in 1990, my entire being was restless and nervous, I saw before my inner eye, houses burning and people demonstrating violent. It exceeded to the point I sat straight up in my bed one evening and said to my husband – Tomorrow the War will begin! -and so it did!

Not all of my predictions are international or official events, sometimes souls, I believe use me to say goodbye. Before my ex husband’s grandfather died, something possessed me. I suddenly felt the urge to warn my ex. “You have to consider how you would feel if your grandfather died”. To say this made me feel sick. This was a sick thing to say. His grandfather was health himself but grandma, she was the frail one. So my ex husband naturally say “you meen grandma, right”? An I said “No, your grandpa…”! The feeling became stronger and stronger and I spent all night worrying about my husband’s feelings. I knew this was unethical, non-logic and offending. But, my husband at the time said nothing to condemn my weird behavior. 

While he was at work, the feeling had grown to the point of an erupting volcano and I called him at work “you must think about this”! I can assure you I felt like a lunatic but the feeling was too strong to resist. Later that evening, my husband’s father call. I can not hear what his father say but my ex husband says “no, you don’t need to tell me what has happened, I already know, grandpa is dead”! You can imagine the thousand questions my ex husband got after this from his father.

As it showed. When his grandfather came home that day from his workshop and sat by the dinner table with a cup of coffee in his hand, he just fell together and died. His aorta burst from a hernia on it. 

“Golden coins, will fall from heaven, free to one and all. Just to tip the holy grail – the jester’s Kingdom’s call. One and two are gifts to you, three and four are loans. The shift will change, wealth take place and states will be reborn”

List of predictions:


Flying: It will be much cheaper to fly. From a little to free. The reason seem to be that remote cities and countries pay the tickets to increase tourism and with the tourism, the tickets pay themselves. It will also be free to fly within big countries to remote destinations for the same reason. This will eventually ease the growing population and burden on bigger cities. 

A bigger part of the world will join a “state union”. In it, the countries will act as states beneath a control organ. This to preserve peace, to prosper, to join in economic goals, to develop environmentally and technical solutions for the common wealth (not commonwealth states).

Thanks to the “free flight tickets” people will easily live in one country and work in another. Distances will be therefore be shortened.

Quibus quaerere invenire aliquid etiam verus fiet mendacium – Where to look to find something that will become true lies

Earth: Scientists will find that the Earth move in a “third” way. This third way is very slow.

It turns the earth in a third direction causing poles to slowly move too. When we are in the beginning of a pole shift, we experience turbulence, volcanoes, landslides, manholes, earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme tidal waves and tsunamis. It is easy to feel uneasy when the entire planet seem to freak out.

The earth moves two ways. It spins and it moves around the sun. The spinning of the earth is called rotation. It takes the earth about 24 hours, or one day, to make one complete rotation. At the same time, the earth is moving around the sun. This is called a revolution. It takes a little over 365 days, or one year, for the earth to make one full revolution around the sun.” Ref: Illinois EDU

Humans: Scientist will find more in the search of Neanderthal DNA in human gene pool and this will change so many things. Amongst others, medical science will flourish eliminating some known deadly diseases. But before this happens (can be a bit into the future) we have to get used to what we found.

Animal Wildlife: Sadly enough several species will go extinct or on the verge of going extinct because of military tests as the first cause, chemical pollution and simply killing off too many. This will eventually lead to severe lack of food for local people all over the world that survives on the catch or hunt solely but also health issues for eating sometimes contaminated fish. No measures will be taken before the sign are “too” clear. 


No need to worry about Artificial intelligence taking over the earth, developing a complex copy of the human mind. However, the advanced AI will come in use to enter in the next century when we enter “The Space Era”! For those who wish to experience a cool future in space today, there are no solution. It will come in due time. But you will get good pre tastes of the future with all the cool stuff that will be introduced by China.

Ai will open up design changes (a lot of these you already read about, others you will). I used to say that the future looked like a version of the movie Clockwork Orange from 1971, in design. Now I realize (after watching the movie again) that was not what I thought I saw back then. The streamlined happy colorful, glass like furniture with fluorescing molecules, reacting on ultraviolet radiation. We will find new ways to decrease the use of energy and here Ai will be present and will not be in your way. Ai and computers will get a more “live” competition.

In contrast to what most people believe. Nuclear plants will be debunked, this because of the new revolutionary way to harness energy that soon will be discovered. I don’t know which country or whom will find this new way. Maybe time for the competing countries to marsch up to the science board and win the race about “good power”.


Well this is a weird thing for me to answer but, I know that so many people want to know. -Will aliens visit earth in the coming years? Frankly I don’t know. I am kind of split here. Main reason is that I haven’t only been seeing the future this simple as in predictions but I have seen the future through the help of alien dreams. I even wrote a novel about that, go figure! 

Problem for me with alien stories is – I don’t believe in them, still the dreams I’ve had are technically advanced and utterly profound. Predictions are more a floating tool, it might happen or it might not. If it happens, it can be a coincidence unless you are very specific and have witnesses to your experience before the events actually happens. I do have these witnesses but still, this thing about aliens, gosh I don’t know.

Also, second problem is –if- I say they’re coming, I carry heck of a responsibility to myself and others. Aliens are the kind of story that are best kept in the mist, kind of unclear to keep the mystique going and the trust of the reader at the same time. Most stories or non can ever be proved either.


Some stories in between…

Predictions is popular clickbait headlines. It really don’t promise that any predictions will be told. Possibly there will be more stories about the cosmos inside us and how to get there. A little bit like “The Secret”, -if you know how to do it, you will understand it is the truth! So, if you do not experience the abundance after practising Law of Attraction it is simply your own fault. For me, it is more simple to tell you my visions than tell you how to get them yourself.

Basically, I have not one single clue to where they come from. Thousands of impressions hit me every year. From seeing what is happening within one hour for someone who I pass on the street to meeting decaying corpses in my dreams that feel lost and want a hug. 

I remember that one time, a young man who had been lost for months in Sweden, suddenly appear in my dream. I was in the shadows by a lake when a young man rose from the water. He was walking toward me through the reed and I was petrified. Then I saw his very sad face, at least what was left of it. It had started to rot. 

He came toward me and his eyes where light blue with something white covering the iris. He was crying and he was lost “help me” he said. So I hugged him and thought the rotting skin would fall down on me. “Help me…” he said again!

Later that week, the police finally found the young man. He had at that point spent one year in a lake and was found when the ice melted.  

Most my predictions come when I read the news but, then again it could just be logical connections from fact to fact or to the most obvious,all drawn in my mind. I really have a hard time understanding this. 

Wikipedia says:

Predictions have often been made, from antiquity until the present, by using paranormal or supernatural means such as prophecy or by observing omens. Methods including water divining, astrology, numerology, fortune telling, interpretation of dreams, and many other forms of divination, have been used for millennia to attempt to predict the future. These means of prediction have not been proven by scientific experiments.

In literature, vision and prophecy are literary devices used to present a possible timeline of future events. They can be distinguished by vision referring to what an individual sees happen. The New Testament book of Revelation (Bible) thus uses vision as a literary device in this regard. It is also prophecy or prophetic literature when it is related by an individual in a sermon or other public forum.

Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic standardized process or ritual.[17] It is an integral part of witchcraft and has been used in various forms for thousands of years. Diviners ascertain their interpretations of how a querent should proceed by reading signs, events, or omens, or through alleged contact with a supernatural agency, most often describe as an angel or a god though viewed by Christians and Jews as a fallen angel or demon.[18]”

All these explanations sounds kind of tipping of into the mist and don’t really suit me. I don’t attract visions by rituals, I don’t read omens, I don’t see signs, I am not a witch and I don’t have to interpret dreams, they come as clear as ever. I can not control you by pretending I can tell your future. -I am not a priest!

My dreams are most often half brain dead and half visions. For you who take this very seriously, I may have to apologize for the way I don’t make a bigger deal of predictions. 


I dreamt I was in this big office building with several floors and pillars everywhere. A young man with light brown hair who was attaching bombs to the pillars saw me and screamed “get out of here, this building will blow”! I can not say it was one of The Twin Towers because, the entire building looked abandoned on the inside and the outside, I never saw. But, two weeks later, The Towers went down. 

It is too easy taking predictions and interpret what we like in to them. That cause conspiracy theories and my predictions will never be true until you’ve read them and “then” they happen. 

Even if one after another seem to fall in place it could all still be coincidence only.

So, I want to be honest with you, read this novel for fun only!


I sense a much, much brighter and different future but can not see when. Ultimately it is up to leaders all over the world to do the right thing and think of the people first and the consequences and cost of war. It might be shifts in power in smaller countries and regions but no “real” shift in the greater ones.

We will change world currency 

Near future: One country or collection of states seem to be in big trouble and if not careful, will sonder instead of heal. 

In a close future we will have museums on train stations that connect between countries. Celebrating first world peace ever. 


We will continue exploring the possibilities of expanding the human race outside earth!

“Somewhere in the future, islands will drown, the earth will awake and yawn… New land will be seen and continents reform. It is not only ahead I see but also,  me in the past hiding in caves, much to afraid to trust in the sea…””

//ChristineCleopatra Djerf for the WX-Magazine!

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