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Creating your FREE website – Tutorial!


  1. List with links to thousands of newspapers, TV and radio stations
  2. Possibility to fetch more than 500.000 email addresses to journalists
  3. Software to send your press release
  4. Your own press release email
  5. Free press release services
  6. Press release examples
  7. How to get attention
  8. How to build your own news outlet/music website or webstore
  9. Legal policy for your website
  10. How to increase the amount of visitors up to millions

Any of the suggested links can change over time, since they belong other people and those may decide to change their information. Hopefully this book will leave you with the skill of a marketing expert and a problem solver – you will learn to find your way! 

I will give you a link list with thousands of newspapers from around the world, and I will tell you how to get all journalists, reporters, newspapers and radio stations email addresses – for free!

How can you use this information?

  • You can use it to increase the number of readers to your newspaper or blog dramatically!
  • You can tell the world about your country 
  • You can sell expensive press release packages!
  • You can start a newspaper for free!
  • You can use it for your own major press release (which usually cost $200-3000 a month)!
  • You can promote your music, your product, your service or yourself 

Learning by doing wrong!

“In January 2017, I was happy to reach 300 new readers a day. In April 2018, I was recovering from a total wipeout of my news outlets. In May, I started to do things differently and a steady increasing stream of readers appeared in my statistics reports. I was now experiencing up to 5000 visitors every day.

In the beginning of June 2018, I made a drastic change to my concept and it ended up in my articles being read 20 million times a month!”

Since I stopped using the article spinner on my own articles, the amount of readers dropped to 500.000 a month!

The image above is from September 22, 2018!

In 1986 I became interested in the news industry. April 26, 1986 Chernobyl in Russia. 

From Wikipedia:  “The event occurred during a late-night safety test which simulated a station blackout power-failure, in the course of which safety systems were intentionally turned off. A combination of inherent reactor design flaws and the reactor operators arranging the core in a manner contrary to the checklist for the test, eventually resulted in uncontrolled reaction conditions. Water flashed into steam generating a destructive steam explosion and a subsequent open-air graphite fire.[note 1] This fire produced considerable updrafts for about nine days. These lofted plumes of fission products into the atmosphere. The estimated radioactive inventory that was released during this very hot fire phase approximately equaled in magnitude the airborne fission products released in the initial destructive explosion.[3] This radioactive material precipitated onto parts of the western USSR and Europe. “.

SEO only don’t work anymore. Google have changed and the only way to show yourself off, is through real ads in real news or on billboards. Google have become the world’s largest phone book with billions of pages. Only top paying customers would get their result on top.

Chapter 2. Ethics

I want to give people a fair chance to be heard because no matter what “I” did, I ran into a dead end, created by authority, politicians and people in power.  

What was news and what had become of the news industry?

News was to me an amount of facts building a war, event, accident, catastrophe or a real life story. Since news agencies were so in need of clickbait and to be first, they changed the storyline in already published news, which created new articles from derived information. The need of keeping the readers pushed news to be biased and the reporters own opinion to color the outcome. I was thinking “what about the readers rights”, what about the obligation to the reader? 

It is obvious that we can only read facts a certain amount of times before we learn them through and through, that’s why we need news angles, but who is entitled to the original source? 

 In 2017 I studied and got my journalist diploma. After this, I became more and more aware of that there were no real obligation at all toward the reader!

Code of ethics according to Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

FI-33014 University of Tampere:

“Journalists Ethics Code

Journalists’ main goal is to ensure the right of citizens to truthful and important information, which allows them to form adequate impression about social processes, their essence and importance, about the situation in the modern world.

The journalist bears responsibility before the society in general, before the law and before the professional association. The social responsibility of the journalist requires that he acts in accordance with his personal ethical standards.

The ethics of the trade involve permanent responsibility of the journalist for everything he/she does in the framework of his/her professional obligations, rather than sticking to the rules which were established once and for all.

The present Code shall set a high standard of ethical and professional behaviour for people involved in searching, receiving, keeping, distributing and commenting on information in the mass media. The norms of the Code are not obligatory requirements and formulated as moral guidelines or standards against which media employees can compare their professional work. The norms of the journalists Ethics Code cannot be used as the ground for holding media employees criminally, administratively, disciplinarily or otherwise responsible, except the responsibility in the framework of media self-regulation.

Freedom of the press

Mass media freedom is one of the major guarantees of the freedom of speech, an obligatory element for ensuring other civil rights and freedoms. The freedom of the press involves the possibility to freely discuss and criticize the activities of both the authorities and civil and private structures. Journalists contribute to the realization of the right to express unpopular opinions or agree with the point of view expressed by the majority.

The journalist must defend the freedom of speech, retain independence of his/her political views and convictions. He/she must resist any efforts to distort information or introduce censorship.

Like any other citizen, the journalist has a right to political and other convictions. However, in his/her professional activity he/she should remain neutral and objective.

Principles for searching and receiving information

Respecting the right of society to objective information, the journalist must convey truthful information and a whole spectrum of opinions on certain issues. The news should be based on facts and information where truthfulness can be checked.

The journalist should do his/her best to obtain information from all possible sources, to make sure it is complete, truthful and unbiased. Information which may offend or humiliate a person should be checked especially carefully.

Information should be obtained in legal and ethical ways.

When requesting information, the journalist must introduce himself/herself, name the media outlet that he/she represents, inform the interlocutor that his/her words may be published, except in cases when the information is confidential or impossible to obtain officially.

Trust must not be abused. In case of tragedies that have caused someone shock or oppressed condition, the journalist must interview the person carefully and with patience.

When gathering information, journalists may not misrepresent themselves. Journalists’ search for information by hidden means can be justified only in cases when the information in question is of major importance for society and cannot be otherwise obtained.

Materials obtained by means of tapping should not be published

The journalists must keep secret the sources of confidential information

Principles of publication

Journalists should present the facts and preserve their true meaning, demonstrate the major links and not allow distortions.

Unbiased journalism does not mean that the journalists should abstain from expressing their personal opinions. However, the reader should be able to tell the difference between the articles stating facts and materials expressing someone’s opinion or interpretation of events. However, this principle should not limit the journalist in choosing the style of writing.

The journalist should not be a spokesman for an egoistic private or group interest. He/she should contribute to mass media’s objective coverage of the pluralism of opinions. It is not allowed to hide publicly important information or distort the facts.

Bias in commentary is a violation of the principles of journalistic ethics.

Preparation and writing of analytical materials and commenting on certain events should be performed by journalists whose competence and experience correspond to the task in hand.

People featured in the articles should be characterized by race, religion, nationality and status only in cases when it is important for the correct understanding of the material.

Headlines and subheadlines of newspaper articles should correspond fully to the contents of the article, photographs and video materials should clearly illustrate the events, instead of presenting them out of context.

Unconfirmed information, rumours and conjecture should be marked as such. Symbolic illustrations (photomontage, restorations, similar motives recorded in other time periods) should be clearly recognizable or have corresponding tags.

When stating facts, commenting on them or entering a discussion on a certain issue, journalists should stick to the ethics and principles of a dialogue and express respect for the discussion partner.

Respecting the rights and lawful interests of third parties

The journalist should differentiate between publicly important information and information that evokes public interest.

Information on the private life of a person may be published only if the behaviour of this person in the private sphere affects the public interest. In such cases it is necessary to make sure that such publication will not violate the interests of the third parties.

The journalist should not photograph citizens in private environment without their consent. Photographs or pictures of people in their daily lives that could offend or humiliate them should not be published.

In covering family conflicts or cases being handled by the courts or other institutions it is recommended not to mention the names of minors.

For working on the territory of hospitals or other medical establishments the journalists should get permission from the management of these establishments. It should be kept in mind that the information on bodily defects or diseases is in principle a private secret.

When publishing materials on a medical topic it is necessary to avoid anything that can cause hope of rapid recovery which is ungrounded or inappropriate to the present condition of the sick person. On the other hand, one-sided critical publications on the perspectives of curing the illnesses, on which contradictory points of views have been expressed, should not develop in sick people the feeling of uncertainty and thus undermine a possible success of therapy.

The tentative results of scientific research should not be presented as final or nearly final.

The victims of violence and incidents should be treated with care. The same concerns witnesses and victims’ relatives. Special attention should be paid to selecting the photographs illustrating the details of an accident.

The covering of incidents and catastrophes should not exceed the limits when respect for the sufferings of the victims and the feelings of their relatives is lost.

Account should be taken of what effect a report on an incident or a crime can have on a victim or his/her close relatives. The name of a victim or a missing person should not be disclosed until his/her close relatives get to know what happened.

Mass media should not stimulate unhealthy interest to the details of crimes. It is necessary to carefully consider which of the two is the priority – interest of the society in getting the information or interests of victims or people concerned.

Victims of accidents and crimes have a right to special protection of their names. Exceptions are possible when the person in question is a well-known person or the circumstances specifically relate to him/her.

Mass media should avoid identifying relatives and friends of suspects or convicted people without their consent.

When a crime is committed by a minor, names and photographs identifying them should not be published unless the crime in question is a grave one. The publication of names and photographs of public servants and other public people is acceptable if there is a connection between these people and the crime.

It is not allowed to publish the names of victims of sexual violence or details that could result in the disclosure of their identities, unless requested by the victims themselves.

It is not acceptable to identify children under 16 who are victims of or witnesses to sexual crimes.

When publishing materials on criminal subjects, witnesses or victims belonging to a religious, ethnic or other minority can be mentioned only if there are grounds to believe that this could contribute to a better understanding of the described events. This kind of information could result in bias in relation to these minorities.

Investigation and trial should be covered objectively. At all stages of an investigation and trial the journalist should seek comprehensive coverage of all points of view of all sides (in the criminal process, accordingly, the position of the prosecution and position of the defence).

Information on the suspect’s family, his/her occupation, religious background, nationality, race or membership in some organisations should be published only if it is directly relevant for the case.

The information that can damage the course of the trial should not be published until the verdict is pronounced and the case is closed.

The journalist should not mention the names of people who committed minor crimes and were punished with light sentences. An exception to this rule is when such a crime is committed by a public person.

The journalist should not mention a crime committed by a person if the person has already been punished for it. This rule does not apply to cases of a clear criminal second offence, or the cases when the person continues the activities related to the crime committed or seeks a high position in the society.

Minimizing the damage

Mass media should correct mistakes quickly and in completely. Corrections of significant mistakes should be published without delay in a visible place.

People criticized in the mass media should have the right to immediate response. This response should not be accompanied by editorial polemic comment, and it should have a sufficient volume, correspond to the essence of the subject matter and be acceptable in form.

Journalist’s independence

The journalist should behave in such a way as not to become a victim of a collision of real or hidden interests. He/she should reject privileges or presents which could influence his/her opinion or create such an impression.

The journalist should not take part in activities or organisations which could limit the independence of his/her thinking and endanger his/her professional integrity.

Conflicts of interests damage the prestige of mass media.

The professional status of the journalist is not compatible with occupying a position in state bodies, or in the headquarters of political parties and other political organisations.

Journalists and editors should not have additional jobs or occupy elected or administrative positions, in case it compromises their moral impaccability.

If work in political parties, taking part in demonstrations and solving urgent social issues results or may result in a conflict of interests, raises or may raise the question of objectivity of mass media, it is not acceptable.

Journalists should not become dependent on sources of information or someone’s interests.

Mentioning cooperation with law enforcement agencies is justified only in cases when actions of journalists may defend life or health of victims or other people mentioned in the publications.

The journalist should not benefit from the financial information received as part of his professional activities before its publication or before conveying it to other persons. He/she should not write on moneys that form the sphere of his/her material interests or interests of his/her relatives, without informing the editor-in-chief about it.

The journalist may not be the author of paid advertising or advertising materials.

Advertising norms apply to paid publications. These publications should be presented in such a manner that the readers understand its advertising.

Editorials should be clearly distinguished from advertising.

In distributing consumer information it is necessary to show why certain goods are chosen. One-sided information – about one group of goods and services, about the production of one brand name, one firm, one network of restaurants – should be avoided.

The journalist should not write on behalf of some other person or sign under somebody else’s materials with his/her own name.

The journalist is not allowed to offer his/her materials to other mass media without the permission of his/her managers. If a freelance journalist offers his/her materials to several publications, he/she should inform all those publications about it.

The publication of articles should not be primarily aimed at getting prizes and awards.

Journalists should avoid publishing critical materials based on the facts of their personal biography, because it may produce an impression of them trying to settle accounts.

Journalists’ solidarity

In their daily work journalists are advised to keep a balance between fair competition and professional solidarity.

Neither individual journalists nor editorial teams should settle accounts via mass media. Such behaviour damages not only their prestige, but the reputation of journalist’s profession in general, since it undermines people’s trust in the mass media. In resolving conflicts with colleagues the journalist should give priority to the jurisdiction of the journalistic association.

The journalist should defend professional dignity and prestige and express solidarity with colleagues prosecuted for their professional activities.”

Chapter 3. Curated Content

A newspaper that do not have that much traffic, don’t publish that many news and vice versa! Sounds reasonable yes? There were just no chance I could write quality articles by the hundreds every 24 hour and article writing was just one of the factors to massive traffic. So I washed internet for free articles and found amongst others this website 

More free content or for an example.

Lead 3: Create something unique for your websites

Chapter 4. Headlines, content, viral marketing and statistic reports   

What is important in your statistic report:

The most important to me in my statistic report are how many times my articles have been read “outside” my website! When an article are shared on facebook or read on someone else’s page, blog, ping site or search engine (which may show a part of, or a third of the article), I can tell my marketing is working. I have tried loads of statistic softwares or instruments and most of them differ widely. Hits, visits, visitors to my page are in fact less important. There are simply to few people that love spending an hour on a website unless it is Badoo, Twitter or facebook. 

But why should anyone use them?

To get the great amount of readers I had to combine everything I was doing. Write more articles, make deals with publishers, get more feeds and promote the website on regular basis. I made the big ping list (more information about that down below). I sent my website link to hundreds of search engines each month and I had to deep link it to increase my internet presence (you will find out how to). I also had to increase my own internet presence. 

Lead 4: Headline impressions, Website impressions, domain submissions, article submissions over and over and over again!

Lead 5: Online presence in social media

Chapter 5. Press Releases

The biggest problem is to reach the world

I found a link extractor (more info about this further on…)! With this tool, I could scan link websites and extract all news agencies!  This is a good news link website that deserve acknowledgment 

How to do a PRESS RELEASE to 500k journalists

  • Send Bulk Email to journalists and Newspapers:

  • Gather all the email addresses you find from the websites

To get the email addresses from the news websites are hard work, mostly because it is boring to death and some newspapers don’t even want you to find them (weird right?)!

Some people would use an email extractor but, using such software may cause you trouble.

To be able to email your press release to everyone you need to open Chrome web browser and add the “MailKing” plugin, which you can find here -add this to your new press release gmail account!

Click the new icon in your gmail inbox “Campaign”, and upload your email CSV. 

To create your CSV:

-I am using the “Softmaker Office” software but I guess it works with any software that creates excel. Just remember to save your file as CSV! Right click on an empty space on your desk and add a new sheet. Copy the email addresses you’ve extracted from the website links. Before you paste them to your CSV, write beneath “A” and on the side of “1” “Email”!

After you’ve done this and saved your CSV file, upload it to your campaign! To not get caught spamming please follow the templates below and the instructions on MailKing. 

The best thing would be sending one email at a time but when you’ve sent a thousand, what is the difference from sending them all at the same time? It will take a few hours for your submission to finish but you do not need to sit and wait! 

Looking at the result in my search engine if the press consider “news” to be spam, I got 663.000 results. The worst case scenario was hundreds of Bitcoin press releases to one single inbox. I do and hopefully you do too, think that this is more spamming someone then it is a press release! I myself get about 1000-3000 spamming emails from US alone each day. It is everything from sex contacts to business contracts and the king of spam of course “Ms. Viola you just inherited and we at the bank of “” don’t know your bank account number…”! 

There are infinite number of ways to spread your press release. One way are to download a free article submitter with automatic feed to numerous websites. However the most troubling thing to do are fetching all online links and email addresses. Some websites offer free email to news outlets like this one: 

Another awesome site are here all you have to do is register and when you’re in, write the name of the paper you want! Since this may not apply to your country, you might just have to keep searching the websites. Country and region lists below! 

Since the GDPR law turnover in May 2018, it is important that you check if any of the new rules apply to your actions 

Here are a list of free press release services:

  1. Free     1888 
  2. Free     Betanews
  3. Free
  4. Free     EboomWebSolutions
  5. Free    Free PR News  (UK)
  6. Free    Free-Press-Release 
  7. Free    Market Press Release
  8. Free    Nanotechnology Now
  9. Free    Newswire Today 
  10. Free    OnlyWire
  11. Free    OpenPR
  12. Free    PR9
  13. Free    PR Free
  14. Free    PR-Inside
  15. Free
  16. Free    PressExposure
  17. Free    PRMac
  18. Free    Press Releases Online (UK) 
  19. Free    PR Log
  20. Free    PR Urgent
  21. Free    PR Zoom
  22. Free    Radio – TV Interview Report (RTIR)
  23. Free    ThomasNet News
  24. Free    UGA Media (Europe)
  25. Free    UKPRWire

Press Release Templates

From Google docs:



Media Contact:

[Your Name] [Your Phone Number] [Your Email Address] [Your Company Website URL]

[MAIN HEADLINE OF PRESS RELEASE] [Insert subheading if possible. It helps draw audience in further.]

STOCKHOLM, OCTOBER 21, 2018 — Grab your reader’s’ attention with an engaging first paragraph. Don’t waste any time and get directly to the point. Address each important point in this paragraph and address the who, what, where, why and how here as well.

The second paragraph should contain additional details giving context to your announcement, which can help reporters write their own story. This is often a great spot to offer a quote from a stakeholder in the company or someone who is close to the project, product or event. “A great quote gives the press release a human element and makes it easier for reporters to use it in their coverage.”

This section can also break up your press release highlights into a list using bullet points, which allows the reader to skim the information and get to the important details quickly.

  • Highlight #1
  • Highlight #2
  • Highlight #3

Additional paragraphs should contain more background information, including hard numbers to support the significance of your product or announcement. Make sure to keep any additional paragraphs short (2-4 sentences) and feel free to use hyperlinks and media content such as photos, videos or audio clips.

Let your reader know what next steps you want them to take by including a call-to-action near the end of the press release. If a call-to-action isn’t appropriate for your press release, then let your reader know where they can find more information. 

About [Your Company]

The very last paragraph of your press release is your boilerplate. This paragraph should provide a description of your business. What products or services do you provide? What is your company about? Give the reader information to help them understand the focus and purpose of your company.


From Happy Publisher dot com:


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Martin

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Vincent and  Grenadines


San Marino

Sao Tome and Principe

Saudi Arabia




Sierra Leone


Sint Maarten



Solomon Islands


South Africa

South America Regional

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

South Korea

South Sudan


Sri Lanka



Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands









Timor Leste



Trinidad and Tobago




Turks and Caicos Islands




United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United Nations

United States

United States Virgin Islands






Wallis and Futuna


Northern Europe

Denmark  Sweden  United Kingdom  More

Southern Europe

Greece  Italy  Portugal  Serbia  Spain  More

Western Europe

France  Germany  Netherlands  More


Australia and New Zealand

Australia  New Zealand  More


Fiji  Papua New Guinea  More


Guam  Marshall Islands  More


Cook Islands  Samoa  Tonga  More















New Zealand



Russian Federation



United Kingdom

United Nations

United States




Chapter 6. Link building, deep links and headline impressions

15.000 links to link building (headline impressions) at In deep linking it is seldom possible to find your deeplinks when you have submitted a website or a deep link (press release link). The point with headline impressions or website impressions is to increase your presence on internet and with this your result in search engines. Here you can add your links manually;

Deep links website (more headline impressions)


Chapter 7. How to build your own online store or news blog (newspaper) for absolutely free! -Everything you need!


  1. List with Ping-domains
  2. List with free web hosts
  3. List with free resources

I will start this chapter with some good links:

The reason to why I provide some free legal advice links is that it  might be a good idea to check your planned business before you start!

Legal advice in America:

“  LSC is an independent nonprofit established by Congress in 1974 to provide financial support for civil legal aid to low-income Americans. The Corporation currently provides funding to 133 independent nonprofit legal aid organizations in every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.

If you are looking for help with a civil legal problem, enter an address or city below to find an LSC-funded legal aid organization near you.

You can also visit to look up information about your legal questions and find free legal forms. “

Legal advice Sri Lanka:

Phone: 94 – 0112081382 

Free and paid legal advice in Russia

How to apply for financial aid, to get help from a lawyer in Sweden

Every country has its own legal service and it might take a few hours to find the best one for you! Main thing is, don’t give up!

Freeware and alternative living can seem to be the “second hand” choice, at least for the rich and famous! But if we turn the coin around and polish the tail of it, we’ll understand it is very much stuck to the shiny head. We can’t have one without the other but, that don’t mean poor need to suffer! Some people want too much, causing poverty for others! 

In this chapter I will help you start a business for free or save money or teach you some new technical skills. I will help you find software and tell you how to use them.

Why I do I do this for you?

In the society we live in, we seem to never want  to stop spending, the more we spend, the more important we are, but the money makes us prisoners and vulnerable too. Without the economical life support we will surely fall. It is not “cool” in any way to spend more money than we need to -it is only stupid since “free” is an actual alternative. I want to show you “free”!

To start an online store with dropshipping

*You need a domain, a web host, products and marketing! Every single one thing cost money. But, what if you barely own the clothes on your back -how on earth to fix the necessities to start a store? The awesome thing with building for free is that no matter what sale you do, you will make a 100% profit!

It is possible and not even that hard to build for free. I am going to show you how -without spending any money at all! 

Marketing and free media for all

Promote your newspaper (when it’s ready) where ads are free. Take your time and make at least 20 ads per week to show yourself. No 1 in advertising, become known.

The great ping list

When you run your own blog, you wan’t to “ping” the updates and articles. You do this ping-thing because it help search engines to find you. It helps web crawlers to discover your content quicker, which may give the content visibility and attract traffic. Ping is not recommended to use when launching new products in hope that it will attract more people. Your website may be considered spamming the search engines. So, as a blogging or article tool (if you decide to blog and sell clothes) it is just great but not for only product updates!

To use the list, just copy it as you see it” “Mark the whole list, right-click on your mouse and copy” or “mark the whole list and press the keys ctrl + c. Enter the admin in your wordpress site. On the left side column of choices, choose  “Settings” -> “Writings” and on this page, scroll down and paste it in the “Update Service” box.

The list,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As you can see, I am jumping a bit… Don’t freak out! I throw everything around because I need you to really learn what it is I am saying. If you just “follow” the instructions, you will probably get stuck before completing your quest.

How to get products to your “to be” online store

What I am proposing is that you do not have to pay your products in advance. It is called dropshipping. You find dropshippers on Google (I will show you some). Apply for an account, start saving pictures from the clothes (or whatever you’re selling) then upload them to your store and set the price! 

You might have seen that a lot of stuff you buy today come from China. This is because they are less expensive than “made in USA” or as for me “made in Sweden”! It is more people that buy less expensive stuff because, less people have more money. Simple math… So what you want to start with, is to dropship products that more people can afford. 

Some dropshippers (remember to pay your taxes, else this help will not do any good)

There are basically so many dropshippers more out there but not all are free and the good ones can be hard to find. My favorite is Chinavasion (I am not being payed to say this).

Just google “free dropshipping” and spend some time to do some research and read reviews. If your customer pays and it takes too long for the item to arrive, the chance is you will lose your customer. Happy customers are returning customers!

This bring me in on policy and terms. To be able to flaunt your items on Google shop, you need to have easy accessible terms on your website. Don’t sell anything without showing that you abide the law and what applies to the customer. 

This is the Terms & Conditions generator through Shopify (A free store you can use but only for a few items. When you need to expand, Shopify will charge you and if you can not pay the bill, your shop will close). The policy generator however is quite good and free for all!

This template below is from Ecwid stores and they recommend you to take legal advice before using it:


Welcome to our online store! MYCOMPANY and its associates provide their services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop within this website, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully. ​


Please review our Privacy Notice, which also governs your visit to our website, to understand our practices.


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Get yourself a free domain

Now, you will not get far if you don’t have an online store, right? So first of all, you want a domain with your store name. offer you free domains through third party companies (only be careful with .tk since Google don’t like it). -Why not book your store name in all free domain versions while you’re at it – you might need it further on!

So let’s say you booked the name “Whatsamyclothes”. Now you need a hosting where you will keep your store and redirect your domain to. (When you can, buy a cheap .com domain that you can transfer completely to your online store). The reason .com should be used is because most hosting only support the most common ones.

I have a few free hosting myself and some are better than others. So, apply for at least three and build a store foundation on all of them (here your extra domain names will come in handy). The reason is that free hosting don’t come with free technical support and you might just found yourself with an online store that just crashed. Not having money mean, you have to backup every step you take.

Let’s check in on some free hosting!

Unlimited Free hosting

Free forever Unlimited Hosting

Let’s make some sense of it all

  1. Get a free domain at
  2. Get yourself a free web host at https://infinityfree for an example
  3. Sign up with free dropshippers and ad their products on your website (it is free to get a wordpress site within your new web host, choose a free store design and a plugin like Woocommerce and start uploading your products).
  4. Connect with paypal and Stripe as pay gateways (these are free).
  5. Create your Terms and Policy pages
  6. Start advertising
  7. Receive orders and money and pay your dropshipper to deliver the item to your customer -finished!

Naturally your dropshipping price is not the same as the price you charge your customer. A smart thing to do is to choose a few things to sell at first. Remember to keep your items sorted so you know what to order from the dropshipper. 

How to install your wordpress on your host:

Login to your account, find “CPANEL”, click it and scroll down to the software installer called “Softoculus”. Click it and find the WordPress logo. Click this too and choose “install”. During the installation process, you will have to choose on what domain you should install it. If you haven’t added your new domain as an “addon domain” you can simply pick the domain that pops up. 

This is your primary domain connected to your account.

You will be asked to write your admin name, a password (dont forget it) and your email address. Later on you will always be able to login on http://yourdomain.jesihost or

If you still feel unsure, there are so many websites giving instructions how to do this, so you do not need to worry. Installing Woocommerce, which is a plugin, is much more simple. All you have to do is click (the left side panel in your new wordpress site) on the link called plugin, choose “new” and write woocommerce in the small search window. Then just install it!

This is a video on YouTube that are very popular installing WooCommerce and start dropshipping. HOW TO MAKE A DROPSHIP WEBSITE

You can sell your products to friends and family, you can advertise on all websites that offer free ads, as Craigslist but you can also apply for free to resell your items on Etsy and Wish. Wish however will keep your customers money until the products has arrived and the customer is pleased. This might take up to 3 months. 

To be eligible to sell, you need to register a company. Here you find some examples of fees stretching from £50 to £300  – This I have no tricks up my sleeve for! A good thing however is to start building your company and when your online store is finished, then register your company, just to be safe it is worth the cost.

A video from IRS for small businesses

Since I am Swedish and only work in Sweden, I can not give any legal advice for any other country so, a good thing is to check up what is needed for you! All free advice in this small pamphlet, is on other hand for everyone, no matter what country you live in.  


  1. Get yourself free hosting (as mentioned above)
  2. Get yourself a free domain (as mentioned above)
  3. Install WordPress (as mentioned above)
  4. Don’t forget your Terms and Policy pages

Now the fun part begin! You need some plugins that will serve to self-populate your newspaper! It can be tricky to get free articles or journalists that will write for you for free.

A newspaper that seem busy is always more interesting than those which are updated every second day. 

Also, we don’t want to get charged for copyright theft, so we must do this the correct and legal way. 

This is pretty good settings that do not contradict Google’s terms. Google are very sensitive when the same article are published more than once and news agencies don’t like copyright infringement. Google also don’t appreciate getting pings every second minute so, 60 minutes between updates are OK.

We need a news grid on the first page too (don’t publish the entire article to keep from copyright infringement and let the link go directly to the news source)

So, let’s create a new page (click pages on the left side column in your admin area). Name it “Latest News”. Then head over (still on the left side column) to “Appearence – Customize” and from here, choose Frontpage settings. Choose the new page you just created. This will now be you front page. 

Add a new plugin, “Content Views”! This will create your new grid where all the news articles will show up. Add a new grid. The code will look something like this [id:abracadabra234], go back to your frontpage, click the “edit” link on the top and paste the code – Update! Now your grid is in place.

In the Content View settings (choose post) be sure that you on the second page pick “show excerpt” and maybe a 100-200 letters. This way you’re not publishing the entire article. But, some writers that own their content may still object.

To act fair, we add one more plugin:

External Links” -This plugin will lead your visitor to the original news source but, it will not close your website and your own articles will open as usual in your news blog. 

These plugins I add because they can come in handy and they work perfectly for now:

Real-Time Find and replace this plugin will remove any unwanted words on your website like “made by wordpress” if your theme don’t offer this. It is legal to remove this link since all wordpress themes are built upon the same original theme.

AQUILA – Themify admin panel – get an awesome look for your admin


USER SWITCHING – Change roles to experience the users side


PZ-LINKCARD – Make outbound links beautiful cards

PAGE VIEWS COUNT – most correct page visit counter

GO FETCH JOBS – fully automatic self-populating job plugin


BULK ACTION SELECT ALL – Erase with ease practically anything

Arena.IM – Live Blogging for real-time events – Blogging Live

wptouch – mobile although most themes work perfectly fine with mobile this might come in handy when they don’t!

The PINGLIST in the beginning is like automated ads. Just copy the list and paste it in “Settings (left column) – Writing settings” and all the way down on the page that says “Update Services”!

Find free to use, non-copyright images

Free online image editor with no restrictions

Free information and photos

That’s pretty much all folk’s about online stores, news blogs and press releases! I wish you good luck!

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