Are we 2 creatures, in the same body?

Throughout history mankind have worshipped its possibility to think. The more advanced thoughts has been seen as voices from entities, from Gods, from aliens or own intelligence. 

I think, therefore I am.

But what if, I would tell you that “what you think is only a mirror of what you THINK, you think”?

Your thoughts are only the second hand information and interpretation of what you really know and experience. Let’s put this down in understandable fractions:

When burning yourself accidently on your hand the skin immediately start to repair itself. A nasty looking shimmering scar is left. This leaves us with two objectives. 1, we are more than happy to have recovered the accident. 2, why does it look so different?

I have discovered (without a thorough investigation) that as the human body is divided into two halves from creation -it picks information from the healthy side to repair damage on the injured side. 

1 Since the two halves of the body is not exactly the same, the code key when healing is not completely matching. 

2 The older we get less matching codes are left, making the copying result look even more mismatching.

So lets say that my theory is correct, that the body heal because of that an “echo” is constantly sent out checking for matching codes to puzzle up mismatching ones. Then, our brain is doing the same thing, physically both in repairing itself and repairing thoughts.

Our head is a part of the body and therefore built with the same possibilities. 

Luther and Jeanne d’Arc had one thing in common, they both talked to God and God gave them authority. These two people are famous for what they accomplished. Down to ground level we all know people who talk to angels, their God, to ghosts and sometimes aliens. 

So, I would like to know what you think. Is our thoughts first hand information, sending out an echo to its not entirely same mirroring side while searching for answers? OR are our thoughts the mirror, with good or bad translating of first hand information?

Depending of what you think, your life will change, opening up a new window. 

If what we experience is first hand information, then the mirroring side are our backup plan to mend what is broken or build what is needed that what we can not see clearly by just past knowledge.

But, if our thoughts on other hand are the mirroring side or second hand information translator. Then -what is the “true” source behind our need to interpret what we can’t vision clearly?

We know by evidence that neurons are physically the true scouts that send information in the brain. 

But again IF, I am correct we must have an impulse code reader and generator that makes our bodies become vessels for a second being. This second being would be who we really are.

If this is true, each one of us would be smart energy entities that can’t experience life without a body. We as humans in opposite, would still be living in caves if not being able to mirror the entity in its full capacity. 

Meaning that energy or electricity are likely to be built like different composed pieces of music. When colliding, if too much different they cause degeneration of cells or mutation of DNA. If composed is an entity, otherwise a charge. 

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